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Welcome to the learning4housing blog. I will be posting my thoughts and opinions on a range of issues facing the social housing sector. You are more than welcome to post your comments, whether you agree or disagree on the points. The aim here is to stimulate some debate on these issues, whether they are about current government policy or about best practice in housing management or strategy.

is an independent training provider for the social housing sector. We cover a wide range of subject areas, including anti-social behaviour, homelessness, resident involvement, void control, choice-based lettings, and complaints management, as well as personal skills development around communication, negotiation, assertiveness, influencing, managing people, etc. Please visit the main website for more information at

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Friday, June 17

More on Blended Learning programmes

Many thanks to those who responded to my blogpost yesterday about our new blended learning programmes. We already have one concrete bookings and a number of enquires. Some have asked for more detailed information on the programmes, particularly in relation to the content of the workshops. There are initially two separate programmes that have been designed - Anti-Social Behaviour and Resident Involvement. Here are the broad headings of issues to be covered in the workshops. Do remember however, that these can be amended and tailored to your specific requirements.

Workshop 1:
  • What is Anti-Social Behaviour?
  • Policy context - current and future
  • Responses to ASB 
    • Prevention
    • Enforcement
    • Rehabilitation
  • Non-Legal Remedies for ASB
  • Legal Remedies for ASB
  • Case Studies 
Workshop 2:
  • Review of Workshop 1
  • Practical Issues
  • Effective case management
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Partnership working
  • Skills development
  • Barriers and challenges
  • Case studies


Workshop 1:
  • What is resident involvement?
  • Benefits of resident involvement
    • to residents
    • to landlords
    • to communities
  • Policy context 
  • Methods of involvement
  • From involvement to empowerment
  • Skills development
  • Tenant panels & scrutiny (1)
  • Governance issues
Workshop 2:
  • Review of workshop 1
  • Practical issues
  • Barriers and challenges
  • Ensuring representation
  • Equality & diversity issues
  • Tenant panels and scrutiny (2)
  • Good practice examples
  • Case studies

In addition to the workshops, practical exercises and tasks, with supporting on-line material, will be set for completion away from the training room setting.  These are aimed at embedding learning, ensuring learning is linked to changes at the workplace, and to cater for different learning styles. Constructive and supportive feedback will be provided by an experienced assessor on these exercises. In addition, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their learning and to visualise how their new knowledge and skills can be put into practice. If required, follow up tasks can be set to review how effective the learning has been in improving performance.

The all-in cost for each programme (including two one-day workshops, plus assessment and feedback on exercises and tasks, plus access to a tutor for the duration of the programme) is only £995 + VAT.

If you are a small organisation, why not get together with neighbouring councils or RSLs to make up a viable number of learners?

For more information or an informal chat about these programmes, please ring David on 07986 246406 or email For more information about learning4housing, please visit the main website at

David Wardle

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