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Welcome to the learning4housing blog. I will be posting my thoughts and opinions on a range of issues facing the social housing sector. You are more than welcome to post your comments, whether you agree or disagree on the points. The aim here is to stimulate some debate on these issues, whether they are about current government policy or about best practice in housing management or strategy.

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Tuesday, September 28

Skills for Social Housing

As part of an e-learning course that I facilitate, there has been some debate around the skills that are needed for working in housing and related areas around sustainability. The usual reference for this debate is the Egan report into this issue. Egan's general conclusion was that the main deficiency is around the generic, rather than the technical skill set. It is now a good few years since Egan and times have changed somewhat. So, is this an issue that is worth revisiting? Are Egan's conclusion still relevant? Is there still a shortage of those generic skills such as communication, negotiation, influencing, project management etc? Any thoughts anyone?

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